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“I have too much weight to lose, it feels overwhelming… I’ll NEVER be able to change… I’ve failed in the past, I’ll fail again…” Does this sound like you? Are you being your worst enemy vs. best friend?

Going into anything with a negative mindset can discourage people from even TRYING. Don’t assume it will turn out bad. Your life is in YOUR control. YOU have the power to steer it in whichever direction you want. It’s TRUE. You DO. One little thing at a time. And it may not be as hard or uncomfortable as you think. Sure, there’ll be hurdles, twists and turns along the way, but that’s life. You’ll learn about yourself, figure out what works for you, what doesn’t, and build resilience along the way. WHILE making progress toward your goal(s). You CAN overcome the challenges and reach your goals.

Show up for yourself, take responsibility and turn things around!

How, you ask? First, bring awareness to your negative thoughts. Next, turn these UPSIDE DOWN with positive thoughts and affirmations. Yes. That’s it. Begin there.

Wait, what’s an affirmation? Affirmations are powerful words/sentences that inspire, motivate or encourage that reprogram our “thinking” and beliefs A good example of one is: I am learning about myself and making better choices aligned with my goals every day.

Create your own or check out Louise Hay’s website to get some ideas (https://www.louisehay.com/affirmations/ ).
Recognize you are only human. Be kind, forgiving and compassionate with yourself. This will help build you up vs. tear you down on those tough days.
Do smart things that make you happy and feel good. Because feeling good, feels good! And you deserve no less.

And should you need extra support, guidance and accountability, reach out to me HERE. I’ve been there and am equipped to get you through.

Get EXCITED! Your future’s in your hands. I’m extending mine.

Let’s explore how What Feeds You health coaching can help you ACHIEVE your goals once and for all!