Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Initially, we will get on a FREE 30-min call or meet in-person. This is a time to get acquainted, ask questions and see if we are a good fit to work together. If so, we proceed to schedule your first session. You will then receive health and program-related forms to complete and return 24-48 hours prior to our meeting. This will give me a better idea of your overall health, habits, goals and how I can best serve you. Please know that this and all client consultations are confidential.

What is a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach?

A National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach is a wellness authority with foundational knowledge, coaching skills and abilities. They partner with their clients to goal-set, action-plan and hold them accountable to help them create positive healthy habits, behavior and lifestyle changes. They coach in an effective, non-judgmental, client-centered/driven way that respects, honors and believes in the clients’ ability to change. They fill the gaps that nutritionists, dietitians and doctors don’t have the time or resources to fill.

What is Lifestyle Medicine and how can it help me?

Lifestyle Medicine is an evidence-based approach of preventing, treating &/or reversing chronic disease that can greatly improve overall quality of life. Based on the belief that the human body can heal itself with proper care, support is offered around stress management, healthy diet/nutrition, physical activity/movement, sleep quality/quantity, healthy relationships/connectedness, tobacco/alcohol/risky substance cessation/limitation.

What is Culinary Coaching and how can it help me?

Since diet/nutrition is a branch of lifestyle medicine, Culinary Coaching is offered to seamlessly blend food and cooking with health and medicine in an effort to prevent, treat and/or restore health and well-being. It offers the guidance, clarity and support needed to improve food intake to make and reach food/cooking and health goals. An emphasis is placed on using foods that heal, help and benefit the body.

Are you a beginner, need to learn how to shop, meal prep, and/or cook? Or do you just need help brainstorming healthy menus and recipes? Culinary Coaching will help.

How can Coaching around Emotional Eating help me?

Whether you reach for food to fill unmet needs or have negative patterns and shame around eating or your body, your relationship with food is very personal and deep. Understanding your triggers, cravings, emotional eating patterns, and why you do what you do are KEY to overcoming self-sabotaging behavior around food and your body. The empowerment, peace and freedom it provides is life-changing.

Will you put me on a diet?

Each client has their own goals and objectives. I listen, support and guide clients to do what is right for them, per their health/medical history, body, background, needs and beliefs. Diets can be restrictive and back-fire. I believe crowding out the nutritionally void foods by adding in healthy beneficial food and good things, not taking out.

Why 3 or 6 Months and what happens after?

The 90-day / 3 month program offers the right amount of time, support, guidance and accountability needed to begin making positive changes so that you feel good again – physically, mentally and emotionally.

​The 6 month program is an ideal length of time to experience and cope with life’s many ups and downs. This allows time to learn how to manage your new lifestyle and build on tools to strengthen it.

At the end of your program we will review and discuss your progress to see if you are ready to move on, having achieved your desired results, or need additional support.

Where are meetings held?

Meetings are held in-person at an agreed-upon location local to Watertown, online video chat, phone and local outdoor walking-sessions.

What else is included?

Handouts and worksheets are routinely given throughout the program to support each clients’ needs and goals.

What’s the difference between you and a Registered Dietician or Nutritionist?
  • Nutritionists mostly teach around the health properties of food and nutrition.
  • Dieticians primarily prescribe diets (to manage health) and can diagnose conditions.
  • Coaches fill the gaps that nutritionists, dieticians and doctors don’t have the time or resources to fill.
How are you different from other health coaches?

The depth of the coaching experience is enhanced due to the unique blend of personal life experiences combined with professional health coaching, lifestyle medicine, culinary coaching and emotional eating psychology.

Having experienced morbid obesity, declining health and intolerable pain, along with the emotional suffering of public judgment and biases that come along with that, I have a deeper understanding of where my clients are, where they want to be and what’s needed to get there.   

I know what it’s like…

…when your body screams because it can’t take the burden of excess weight and poor health anymore.

…avoiding the doctor because you know you’ve gained and your “numbers” are not improving and you don’t want to be lectured. Again.

…not wanting to be seen in public because you feel ashamed and embarrassed.

…the humiliation when you realize you have to ask for the seat belt extender on an airplane.

…avoiding mirrors, cameras and scales because the alternative is just too painful.

…the emotionally raw pain when catching people looking and talking about you behind your back.

… to barely be hanging on by a thread and having no energy to get out of bed.

…feeling overwhelmed and defeated at the mere thought of having so much weight to lose.

…not believing in yourself… but for fear of disappointing another, you try.

…wanting to give up but keep going instead, because deep down you know you are worth it.

…starting to make better choices, one at a time, that would help, not hurt, because, well, this could work.

…starting to look at food, your body and everything a little differently.

…being able to freely, easily move and keep up with friends and kids again.

…losing a second shadow… but winning a second chance at life!

I know the journey and can help you on yours. You don’t have to do it alone.

I can’t afford it. Do you have any other options?

Making a financial investment in yourself strengthens the probability of commitment to self and change that leads to lasting success. It’s a promise to yourself, of sorts, and makes you “show up” for you and do the work you need to do to achieve your goals. The benefits you will receive, physically, mentally and emotionally, with and in your relationships, and overall quality of life far outweigh the cost of this program.