Success Stories

“Linda is a super supportive and generous coach who has helped me navigate getting on the road to more balanced eating and increased physical movement. Over the last 4 months working with her, I have gained invaluable skills to support my health, including how to use small incremental steps to achieve great change. Back in April, walking a mile was daunting and required frequent stops, and my most craved food was ice cream. By the end of July, I was feeling like my 4 mile walk could have been longer, and my daily habit is a fruit smoothie! While I have gained greatly in confidence, pride, and stamina, I have lost greatly too: 27lbs. So, it goes without saying, I highly recommend Linda!!”
– Rebecca

“Weight has been a struggle for me that began in my late 20’s and continued through my 30’s. I have tried many different diets but nothing really stuck. Linda taught me so many things about food and how it affects our body, our minds and energy. It wasn’t easy at first but being close to 200 lbs I was willing to put in the work. Within 3 months I had lost 40 lbs and felt amazing! I now have the energy to take yoga classes, to get into the batting cages with my son, go for long walks with my family, and I finally feel good in a bathing suit! These lifestyle changes have affected my life in the best way possible. It’s amazing and I am so thankful, Linda’s coaching helped me make this dream a reality.” – Jennifer D.

“Before starting this program with Linda I had low energy and was not very motivated. I felt like nothing was going to help me change, or more importantly, lose weight. I was unhealthy, obese and had just given up. I have not only lost weight each week, but I feel as though I have become a more positive, happier, healthier person. I feel so supported with having Linda as my health coach and would recommend her to anyone considering making a serious lifestyle change.”
– Megan C.​

“Linda made me feel comfortable right away. She really listens and understands and helped me achieve the goals I never thought I would achieve.”
– Karen B​

“It was a pleasure working with Linda. She made what sometimes is difficult a little easier and helped me see things differently. She was my greatest source of support and inspiration. I couldn’t have done it without her.”
– Sandra

“Linda did a lot more than just help me lose weight. She taught me a new way of living and I got my life back. Best investment ever!”
– TH​

“Because of her own experience, Linda knew what I was going through and was better able to help me understand and move through barriers I couldn’t see and didn’t know were there. I have made incredible progress in my short time with her already and look forward to more.” – Roxie​

“I’ve battled with weight and diets my whole life and never thought I would win. Then my friend recommended me to Linda. Her approach changed everything. I am winning and it’s easier than I thought.” – Judy H.

“Linda is the type of coach who gently and without judgment, helps you to look honestly at your life and goals. With her knowledge and expertise, she assists you to look at the habits that are holding you back from becoming your best self! I feel hopeful and empowered after our sessions and this is helping me move forward towards a healthier life.”  – L.M.