Linda’s Journey

Linda’s Transformation

After experiencing nearly every major life event, increasing health issues, debilitating pain and significant weight gain, fearing for her health, now in her 50’s, Linda knew something had to change. She began incorporating movement – inside and outside the gym, and making small changes to her diet, mindset and daily habits. She educated herself on all things health and food-related. Soon, her health began improving and the weight started dropping. These lifestyle changes eventually restored balance in her life and in just a few short years, Linda had lost 120 lbs and 102 inches and completely transformed her life. She was enlightened on the physical, mental and emotional benefits of her new lifestyle – she was doing this!

Becoming a Health & Wellness Coach

Wanting permanent change, she continued learning and became an Integrative Nutrition® Health Coach and received a National Board Certification as a Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC). With treating the root cause in mind, she received specialized training in Lifestyle Medicine Coaching, Culinary Coaching and Emotional Eating. What Feeds You™ was founded as a way of sharing her vast knowledge, strategies and experience to help others do the same, so no one would have to go through this alone.

Linda can partner with her clients’ healthcare providers as needed to create a TEAM approach, offering support while establishing a clear and comprehensive plan.

​Linda’s Profound Advantage: Empathy

Linda is well aware of the physical, mental and emotional toll that excess weight, poor health, food and body issues have. She helps her clients navigate their issues, coaching with empathy and compassion.

She helps clients gain a thorough understanding of what feeds them – mentally/emotionally, physically and spiritually, to help them achieve and maintain their goals and be the best version of themselves, one day, one decision at a time!